Saturday, January 07, 2017

Talend and Cassandra - Storing data and retrieving

This video explores saving data in Cassandra NoSql database. This video is a continuation of previous one. Apart from saving the data, it also discusses about quick tips on strategies for creating, storing and retrieving data in Cassandra.

Code used in the video

Select * from ss.stockratings where stock='TSLA' order by ratingtime desc limit 1;

Insert into ss.ratings(stock ,ratingtime,id,growth_rating,momentum_rating, value_rating,vgm_rating) values ('TSLA',dateof(now()),now(),'A','D','A','F');

CREATE TABLE ss.stockratings (
 id uuid,
 stock text,
 ratingtime timestamp,
 growth_rating text,
 momentum_rating text,
 value_rating text,
 vgm_rating text,
 PRIMARY KEY ( stock, ratingtime,id)

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