Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PMP - A certification for Project Managers.

Its been a long time I sat down and studied something seriously. Its time to get certified again. PMI (Project Management Institute) is the de facto standard in Project Management methodologies.
PMP is a certification offered by PMI after a rigorous test of PM methodologies. So I am heading towards PMP certification. My time starts from 13th March 2008, Saturday. Target it to complete in 2 months that’s 13th May 2008.
In addition to MCSD and Six Sigma+ I am sure this certification will become another feather in my cap.

Henceforth a few blog posts will be dedicated to many topics related to project management methodologies. I am sure this will also serve as a quick reference.

I am refering PMBOK Guide by PMI, Project management Jump Start, and Head first PMP.
I will write a review of these books when i am done with them.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences of PMP feel free to post comments at the end of this post. I would love to share my experiences.

Glossary related to PMP

BAC= Budget at completion.
CPI= Cost Performance Index.
CV= Cost varience=EV-AC.
ETC= Estimate to completion.
EAC= Estimate At completion.
EV= Earned value - Budgeted amount of work actually completed on WBS.
PV= Planned value - Budgeted cost per WBS scheduled to be completed.
SPI= Schedule Performance Index

SV= Schedule varience=EV-PV.