Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Technical Glossary

This is an extension of my previous article Shortfoms of communication. This time you will see a technical terms & abbrevations also referred as glossary. This is an effort to consolidate some of the technical shortforms that we come accross. Almost all these terms are related to project management and other terms related to software industry.

AD - Activity Description
ADM - Arrow Diagramming method
ADSL - Advanced Digital Subscriber Line

BAC - Budget On Completion
BIOS - Basic Input/Output System
Blog - web log. Just like this one
BMP - BitMaP - A windows file format to store images.
BRM -Build and Release Management

CDM - Conceptual Data Model
COQ - Cost Of Quality
CPM - Critical Path Method
CPI - Cost Performance Index
CR - Change Request
CSS - Cascaded Style sheets
CSV - Comma Seperated Values

DB - DataBase
DBMS - DataBase Management System
DFD - Data Flow Diagram
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS - Domain Name System.
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line.
DVD - Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc

EDD - External Design Document
ER(Diagram) - Entiry Relationship Diagram
ERP - Enterprice Resource Planning
FTP - File Transfer Protocol

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format - One of the earliest image formats
GPL - GNU General Public License

HTML - HyperText Markup Language
HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol

IT - Information Technology
JAD - Joint Application Design

LDD - Local Delivery Desk
LTV - Loan To Value

MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional
MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - a Certificaiton by Microsoft

OOPS - Object Oriented Programming System

PERT - Program Evaluation & Review Technique
PMI - Project Management Institue
PHP - PHP Preprocessed Hypertext programming ??

PL - Project Lead
PMI - Project Management Institue
PMP - Project Management Professional
PR - Permanet Resident (US)
PR - Page Rank (Google)
PR - Public Relations (Marketing)

RAD - Rapid Application Development
RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

SAM- Security accounts Manager
SSAD - Structured System Analysis and Design
SOW - Statement Of Work

TBD - To be done
TDD - Technical Design Document
TL - Team Lead
TPM - Thought process Map

UML - Unified Modeling Language

WBS - Work Breakdown Structure.

Do share the other terms that you came accross by commenting on the topic. I will also add them as a part of the topic.