Sunday, February 05, 2017

MongoDB - A NoSQL, Json, RockMongo, RoboMongo

MongoDB's popularity has been soaring in the recent years. The first video explores the details of Mongo DB, a sample document/table is created and we also see how to insert a sample Json data and extracting the it.
The second video explores a few popular tools, their installation, and usage. RockMongo and RoboMongo are explored as an example.

Extracting HL7 data using Talend and storing in Cassandra

HL7 is a set of international standards used by clinical and healthcare providers to exchange information. This video explores using this HL7 data, extracting a few sample fields from it and then saving them into one of the popular NoSql database Cassandra.

Route53 of Amazon webservices is used for all hosting/Routing related needs. This video explores various options for setting up your domain name servers, how to redirect it to AWS and other settings inside AWS to make it redirect to your content on AWS. 
In this example i am demonstrating how to redirect your domain to a simple html page stored on AWS, process is the same even if you are redirecting to any app hosted on Amazon web servervices.