Friday, August 01, 2008

Recession time - When the going gets tough, toughest gets going

With many people on business wait for more than 6 months in most of India IT service companies, they are bound feel the sharks circling around them sooner or later. Lets access the situation.

Economies are down globally, which means limited funds are available for IT expenditure. As a result Some projects get canceled and others get delayed. This situation affects every stake holder of the projects.

When employees are working for projects they are hammered all the time with work. When they come to business wait most of them spend time time aimlessly. Companies spend great amount of money to keep the team united and up-to-date. In the times of tight situations the incompetent employees get elbowed out by their unhappy managers. fair enough for the companies., To be in business they need nurture the best of the talents and get rid of the weeds.

Here is a list of things that you can do to utilize this precious time.

  • Get Trainings - Check your company's training calendar and attend every possible training thats useful for your career.
  • Get certifications - what better time to study & take those pending exams than this free time? You are going to get paid while you learn.
  • Volunteer for Internal projects - Most people disregard internal projects(they can be dummy projects too), but they are the best ways to
    1. Keep in touch with technology
    2. Switch to a new technology
    3. Trying out new roles and responsibilities.

  • Work as shadow resources - You may not generate revenue for the organization, but you can surely become one dependable resource for the project in the times of need.
  • Volunteer for organizational initiatives - Some initiatives like recruitment drives or Road shows need volunteers, if you are experienced in that, jump in and make a difference.

    This list is also useful to defend how you utilized your time during business wait. If you have used this time to your advantage, the business wait can be a boon to boost your career with new roles and responsibilities.