Saturday, February 07, 2015

Big Data Analytics at Harvard Extension School

Quest for upgrades in technologies and skills are indispensable traits in software field. Although it was my impulsive decision to join this course, fortunately everything worked out very well to start the studies at Harvard extension school in Boston, Massachusetts. Big data analytics subject that a friend had enrolled intrigued me as I have been thinking of learning about this subject for a long time. Big data also aligns very well with my existing knowledge of over 15 years of Business Intelligence, ETL and databases related experience.

I have been working on Healthcase analytics for over 3 years and it seemed like a best fit course coupled with the thirst to learn were all solved by this course.
Here is my project that i presented at the end of the course. It was one of the very few projects selected to be presented at Harvard to all our class.

This course instantly prepared me for the next logical shift in my career and as a result of all the curiosity, I ended up creating a BigData Technologies Youtube channel -  to share my technical explorations.