Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wish list for Software Systems integration in every country

Recently I visited RMV in Watertown, MA for getting my driving license updated. They all did their job as best as possible. Being an Integration Consultant, every time I visit any government agency like this, I keep thinking about this.

They all have every bit of information already about me in their (at least one of their) systems. WHY DO THEY ASK ME TO FILL THESE SAME QUESTIONS IN EVERY FORM?
They waste
  • My time in finding the information, filling, correcting, printing, taking time out of my office hours 
  • Govt agency's time in validating every details of hand written (with human errors) applications, providing facilities for.
  • National resources - Infrastructure for buildings etc.
My wish list for future (you would think that this is right out of a sci-fi movie) is
  1. When you walk in to airports, No visa, passport, ticket or any other document to be presented instead scan my iris, palm or an embedded device. Do not ask me the purpose of visit, you must already be knowing it with verified documents (air ticket, valid visa and passport)
  2. Our medical records
    1. They should be shared by all physicians/clinics.
    2. I should not be filling all those forms again with detailed clinical history at every clinic.
  3. If I need to transfer my driving license/car registration etc, System should already know that i moved from Texas to Massachusetts and should present me a confirm button with every update its going to do namely,
    1. Insurance update
    2. New driving license issued by the state
    3. Car and other vehicles registration transferred 

There are numerous use cases like these where we can automate
Although these might sound like next to impossible task given the different agencies involved that govern the data, but we already have most of the information stored in multiple systems and its not an impossible task to integrate these.