Monday, September 26, 2005

Yahoo 360 degree vs Hi5

Here is yahoo killing Hi5

Whats Yahoo 360/Hi5

Hi5 or Yahoo 360 is your site/place to create network of your friends. You can showcase your photos, interests, blog, personal information etc etc. This is exactly what Hi5 has been doing since many months. This has been one of the place for exploring (yes you can explore new friends before adding them as your friends) and also meeting lot of dates (Ah.. thats what people on Hi5 have been saying... not me ).
In addition to most of Hi5's features yahoo has Blast message. You can call this an extension of your yahoo profile where it showed you a summary of your account.
Yahoo 360 will show you many more details in a neat format. Checkout my Yahoo 360
What Yahoo 360 product dev team has to say..
Future : This is one of the effective ways of bringing people/friends together and make them stick to the website as often as possible. Google should be coming with its own 360 degree product soon.



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yeah 360 was ripoff of hi5... and google i dont think it need to come up with somehting similar to 360 it already has and orkut

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