Thursday, September 22, 2005

Google Maps

Another award winning google product that lets you browse the maps.
Apart from just showing your city or streets on the map, Google has much more to offer, lets you programatically add your bookmarks and create your own maps.
Thats right I am tlaking about Google
Maps API
. Google maps has a web page interface and has Zooming options and buttons provide further functionality. Map button shows maps drawn using conventional maps, Satellite shows the satellite map of the location and Hybrid shows a Satellite map and conventional map on top of it. Google earth application has similar functionality with application interface. Thats downloadable and connects directly to the google servers for maps to be displayed. This is more effective in rendering and zooming compared to the web version.

Other interesting examples already in use...
1. A shipping company showing their local pickup points.
2. Sight seeing company listing the places of interest on googlemaps.
3. This leads us to some new interesting Now here is the most interesting one TimTV: This tracks a person called Tim on the Map - He carries a mobile that has a java application that uses GPS to track the current location, and thats uploaded to his site, using which current location of tim is shown on the map.
4. Maps of indian historical places listed.
5. And finally my own map, :p Places that i have travelled in india.


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