Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garmin nüvi 1450 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

My previous Tom Tom XL got banged inside car many times as the suction holder gave up because prolonged direct sunlight/heat. It had lost the speaker for some time, and recently after it was handled by a friend, it died completely. Time to buy a new GPS. Its a very valuable tool if you travel even little bit and not sure about your local roads. It saves lot of time, gas and most importantly guides you back on the correct road when you go in a wrong route.
Gramin is one the most popular names in navigation today

I have found this invaluable tool to navigate specially the urban part of western countries.


5 years writing this article, Both cars i bought have inbuilt GPS so that i do not have to scramble to connect gps or hook it to the windshield on need basis. In future they will all be tightly integrated in in cars rather than being optional. I already see this in cars like Tesla that has auto pilot that heavily uses GPS data.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

50th Post- Sony HDR-XR150 Full HD 120GB HDD, 25X Optical zoom

My Ex-Neighbor Mr. Ron asked me to suggest him a good handycam for him. Sony was the defacto brand suggestion for him. Other reasons for selecting this model.
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels Full High definition videos
  • It had a large 120GB space to record lots of videos
  • 25X optical zoom. I never had that much of zoom so far in any of my camera/handycams.
  • Other specs like
    • Exmor R" CMOS sensor
    • Smile shutter
    • Face detection
  • 4.5 User review ratings
Not buying a memory card as it doesnt need one, it has 120GB HDD :)
Hope he enjoys it for years to come.