Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sony Cybershot DSC-N2 Review - Migration from 3 to 10 MP

Sony Cybershot DSC-N2, Review of a versatile, lightweight, compact and easy to use camera that comes in attractive champagne color. I have tried 2 other Sony models in the past, this model clearly out performs all cameras i tried before.

Some of the things i had in mind while considering this model - Sony DSC-N2

1. Awesome 10 Mega pixels - there are very few brands that have compact cameras with 10MP. There are 12MP models in the market too, Most of them are too expensive and for professionals.
2. Sony Brand - As almost (well i think so) every one agrees that Sony is a reliable and one of the best in electronics brand.
3. Huge 3" touch screen LCD adds to the fun - some one said on the net that "LCD works like citi bank ATM".
4. Whole bunch of features - I am a geek and like all fundo features being packed in such small devices read more at http://www.sonyindia.co.in/index_n2.html
5. Battery life - 300 to 400 photos can be clicked.
6. Market review of camera.
To read more about the camera go the product site

My old camera is in fully working condition as it was 3 years back.
I had a Olympus C-310 model a 3.2 Mega pixel camera bought in Sept 2004.

Some of the considerations that made me change the camera are
  • Batter life was very limited 10-50 photos only (of course it depends a lot on the batteries used)
  • There was a 2-8 seconds delay after clicking a photo. This is one annoying thing.
  • Audio wasnt there, and videos almost doesnt make any sense without audio.
  • No connectivity to TV.
  • Video captured wasnt almost like VGA mode, and wasnt of good enough quality to share.
  • It has 3 Mega pixels and now you dont find cameras with less than 5 Mega pixels.(Ah.. technology changes so fast..)
  • Evening or night mode photos were not acceptable.
  • Small LCD.
  • No slide show opion.. had to browse through the photos manually.

    When I bought this camera it was one of the best looking, highest mega pixel camera in the market and was in the budget that was about $400 including a 128MB XD memory card). But over a period of three years i had started missing above listed features.
    Its was high time i changed my 3Mega pixel camera with a new one.

    Bargain tips
    * Ideally wait for some bargain time like new year, christmas, thanks giving etc to buy anything at great prices.
    * If you are in hurry, still check some sites like deals2buy.com, froogle.com and other favorite sites of yours and compare prices.
    * Checkout taxes and shipping cost.
    * Ask your friends who make lot of research on prices (they will be more than happy to share their experiences).

    I bought 4GB memory stick and additional battery throught amazon.com

    All photos (well almost) that you saw on my blogs so far were clicked by this camera. Probly Niagara trip was its last journey with me.

    -- My wishlist of features ---
  • Shockproof (most cameras are)
  • Waterproof
  • Projector
  • High definition video recording
  • DSLR quality pics
  • About 20X optical zoom

    And all these features...i still want my compact camera :) Technology...Show me the way...