Monday, September 06, 2004

This article for sweetest fat friends ;)

I find many of my friends cribbing about their physical appearence (Me too some time :p) Any way... its time to advise you all rather than me getting personal about myself :).

First Facts!
  • People around us keep reminding us to look better (to put on weight, loose weight or whatever), that’s because they care about us.
  • They will be fine with you even if you do not improve/change yourself (Believe me they wont leave you)
  • No one can do it on your behalf and you cant buy it.. you got to work towards your good health.

    After reading all this don’t give up your efforts to look better. Please continue to do it., That will make you (most important) and your loved ones feel proud about you.

    How to motivate yourself to work out better?
    Find your own reasons and every time you think for a second, even for a second, about quitting, remind yourself of those reasons.

    Don’t expect only perfect people in your life…If all of you go behind aishwarya.. what about preety zinta kareena kappor? :p
    some myths about fat people
    Read more about nourishing

    And to conclude..
    This has been my experience with fat people "They are the sweetest people on the earth..(there could be some exceptions)" yes Amit you too.. And finally i enjoyed writing this article as it made me smile till i finish this article...