Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Youtube is scanning your videos

Yesterday I uploaded a video on Youtube that I created with photos and used some background music that i downloaded from net. In an hour, Youtube sent the following email to me.

Dear sanjaykattimani,
Your video, RishabHomeVideo.m2ts, may have content that is owned or licensed by Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd..  No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.

- The YouTube Team
 © 2012 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066 

So whats Google/Youtube up to?
Youtube is scanning all the videos that you are getting uploaded and scanning for music that matches their video/audio library. In case it matches, sends out the above warning message. This is a smart way to reduce/fight copyright infringements.
May be this was part of Googles privacy policy changes. I didn't read them. Did you?

I feel this is the best for copyright owners as they are suppose to get their share. At the same time if they start going after users like us to collect royalty, we would rather drop those songs and use some general public licensed music. Or better, I may end up creating my own music?? :)

Update 1/22/2017 - Noticed that YouTube still lets you continue to upload your videos, It certainly does not let you monetize (Earn on the ads) your videos. Its not hard to find royalty free music for most of your compositions though.


Gina Gao said...

This is pretty interesting. There are tons of videos/music that is being pirated, and it's pointless to go scanning videos because so many people break the law anyway.


Fred said...

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Sanjay Kattimani said...

Its all automated, Google's cloud computing server do that while we upload the video, Everything is automated.
Its not pointless, its the right place to start curbing piracy.
It brings the awareness of what we have done.
In the next step they may start validating if we have digital rights to use that music :p thats when they will start cutting the roots of piracy. Sadly it will also kill the creativity and people like us may start using bland freeware music.

r krishana said...

waoo... thanks for this article. where to download such software can you please give me that like.. I also want to introduce my video.

Sanjay Kattimani said...

I received another copyright email from YouTube. (I did download the instrumetal music of a song from Yashraj films and used as a background music for my home made video)

Dear sanjaykattimani,

Your video "chicago summary", may have content that is owned or licensed by Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd., but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it.

This claim is not penalizing your account status. Visit your Copyright Notice page for more details on the policy applied to your video.

- The YouTube Team

Sanjay Kattimani said...


You can use software like Microsoft's movie maker, Sony Vegas or Pinnacle studio to create these videos that can mix background music. There are plenty of sites to download music and plugins for your browser that can download audio from YouTube videos.

Jems Nichole said...

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Sanjay Kattimani said...

I knew it was coming...
Now uploaded videos in youtube shows that my video has questionable content and i need to acknowledge that its a copied content. If i acknowledge,
1. Youtube does not let me monetize the video. This makes sense and is the way to go.
2. You tube also restricts the video quality to 360 pixels max. Where as the original uploaded video was in Full HD. I cant play this at higher resolution (or HD) on any device.
3. Chrome cast(and i am sure its the same on every other youtube service) does not display this content. Shows a warning that it could not play the content.