Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Avatar & 3D Technology

I saw Avatar movie after 2 weeks of its worldwide release . I am writing about this movie now because its effects are still alive in my memory and worth blogging.

I wouldnt talk about the storyline of the movie or the facts and figures of the movie. You can read more about it on wiki. I watched it in AMC iMax 3D theater in harahan, Louisiana.

Stunning picture clarity and real to life characters keeps viewers on their toes. visual effects are a feast to every sci-fi movies fan. As James cameroon said, he had to wait close to 10 years as the technology wasnt advanced enough for the making this movie. That wait was worth the wait. This movie also bagged many Oscar awards.

I am sure this was a game changing movie. Future holds lot more innovations towards multi dimentsion movies.

My predictions: In the coming years more and more 3D, 4D movies and other new formats will be made and slowly 2D movies (which are most popular around the world today) may disappear (it may take few decades).

Why am i writing about it after 10 months of its release?
I see 3D technology penetrating in daily life and couldnt help but to blog about it. Here are some of the examples.
  • Televisions that can show any content in 3D format.
  • ESPN boasts a 3D channel.
  • Laptops are available with 3D technology.

    Most of the future display technologies and games will be available in 3D which makes our brain "think" that real life characters are infront of us.
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    Sanjay Kattimani said...

    3 years later I bought an active 3D TV by Samsung. With immersive Bose home theater sound system it feels just like a imax 3d theater.