Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blogging & its Advantages

What is a Blog?
weblog (usually shortened to blog, and occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles, most often in reverse chronological order.” – wikipedia

Blogging is the act of writing in one's blog.
A person who keeps and/ or writes a blog is called Blogger.


Advantages of blogging

  • Voice
    This is the simplest, easiest, quickest and most affordable way to share your voice/opinion/ideas with your audience.
  • Information Sharing
    Sharing your learning is the essence of blogging. Most people (i do) research on the topic before blogging, which extends their learning on the topic.
  • Reach
    Blogging lets you reach people worldwide from person sitting next to you to person sitting on the other part of the world.
  • Expressing
    You can express your views on everyday topics like politics, music, technology, hobbies or movie reviews. The list of topics is endless.
  • Knowledge management
    Blogs can be used to as an extremely effective knowledge management tool. You can keep your posts well documented for years to come.
  • Instant feedback
    People give you instant feedback on your posts (also called articles of the blog) which helps you refine your understanding on the topic.

    In my next post i will discuss on how to create, write and maintain a blog.

    Savita said...

    Hmm read your initial writing on the blogs, good one to instigate a good amount of curiosity about blogs. Keep the good work will keep checking your space.

    sanjaykattimani said...

    :) thanks. expect 2 more posts on blogging soon.