Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 first look at MSDN Day

Awesome developments to IDE and ASP toolbox in Visual Studio 2005. VS 2005 is becoming a kind of swiss army knife - All in one tool for .net development. Intellisense for almost everything you do with VS 2005. Had a first look at it today at MSDN day conducted at The Continental by Satyam.

Visual studio 2005 is releasing in November. with this version has lot of [50+] new controls to help you with almost everything you wanted.

Some great improvements to vs 2005

  • Controls can be dragged in source mode (Note earlier only design mode allowed you to drag and toolbox was disabled in design mode)
  • Intellisense for every XML having valid DTD.
  • Clean application folder - creates files only when required (eg. web.config)
  • Error helper pops up with various options (details of the error, exception class details etc) - In earlier versions you had to go to msdn or google to help yourself with the exceptions raised.

  • Standard validations to make the code compatible with selected compatibility option. Intellisense makes sure options are valid.
  • Allows mixed development of and c# in different pages, they can be compiled together to make one dll.

Links related to visual studio 2005

Summary In short lot of intelligence is built around the IDE keeping developer in mind. Thats what is needed to make a developer's life easier and which inturn helps in reducing the development time.What next after visual studio 2005 ? -Here is the Roadmap by microsoft


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