Friday, August 06, 2004

Professional approach to solve problems.

1. Google - the best and the most resourceful way of finding solutions.
Although most of you are experts in typing keywords and hitting that search keyword ;) take a look at this Advanced search

And some of the features that google has and most of you unaware of...

2. Check technical documentation/manuals or text books related to the problem. Contact tech support people if possible.

3. Check the related discussion groups/sites for solutions related to the problem.

4. Check newsgroups- not the same again... or point your news reader to Didnt understand, Go to outlook express->Tools->Accounts->Add->News-> ...->Enter news server as Finish! Outlook synchronizes and you are ready to post and read all those thread.

5. Now changes are that you are the first to find such a problem, if not go to step 1 again. Now post your questions on discussion groups where you can find lot of experts on the topic. Experts-Exchange is one such place where you can get experts on every topic. there are hundreds of other sites like Web master world , SEO Chat etc. Although you will receive in a few hours to days.. these are the sure places to get solutions to your problems.

Still the problem is not solved...If anyone else worked on that project.. earlier? Great then blame on him... No? then...God bless you ! :)

You can solve the problem and Eurekaa!! show the world that you did it!


sanjaykattimani said...

Ah..forgot... You ask ur buddies who might have faced similar problems. Most of your friends will have some inputs for solving problems. Buddies are great in showing you alternates...coz its not just we who find technical problems.

Karthi said...

one more way is that, get your hands dirty by trying out various problems similar to what you wanna solve. This would let you narrow down to common characteristics of all problems thereby to characteristics of your problem.